Borough Market Living Wall

This  living wall is part of Better Bankside’s Urban Greening and Placemaking Initiatives which aim to improve the public realm in the local area.

The wall helps to reclaim a grey and unused space in the one of the largest and oldest food markets in London, as well as acting as a natural air filter.

We had to remove a section of a living wall that was struggling and added 82 plants to the main 6m wall to give it a new lease of life.

This project, led by our maintenance manager and living wall designer Nina, allowed the team freedom to redesign the wall in a way that we believe will thrive in the months ahead.

We planted a combination of convolvulus arvensis, erysimum (‘Bowles’s Mauve), liriope muscaris, asplenium scolopendrium, polystichum tsus-simense and alpine flowering plants, including gypsophila and dianthus freynii. These were put in to complement the existing scheme of sarcococca ruscifolia, hedera (ivy) and fatsia japonica.

The existing plants were covered in dust and pollution particulates which all had to be cleaned. This just shows the benefits the plants are having in this popular and busy area.