eOffice Co-working

Take a look at the photo's from our office greening project for a co-working space in Tottenham Court Road.

Our brief was to 'green-up' eOffice and add some tactility while creating a relaxed working environment. With limited space to work with we used ceiling and wall mounted planters to maximise the number of plants we could bring to the office. Adding planting to the ceiling area is a great way to achieve a maximum greenery impact. Often office spaces are so fully occupied with furniture and people that a pot plant easily goes a miss. Raising the plants towards the ceiling helps them get noticed. 



We love the versatility of these planters, with the ability to hook onto one another, you can create a pillar of greenery or a singular basket of green beauty. A mix of trailing plants work well in this planter since it adds to the overall vertical hanging effect the planters have. We used a combinations of ferns, epipremnum aureums, philodendrons and aeschynanthus'. 


We also installed a Live Picture filled with Boston Ferns.

This Live Picture is available in five different sizes and is filled with plants of your choice. A
watering system is integrated in the frame to ensure plants are provided with water for 4 to 6

Meristem Live Picture in eOffice