Green Screens

Pre-grown screens offer instant perimeter security and a greening solution.

They are hand wound onto 5mm galvanised steel secure framework and come in bio-degradable material around the root ball containing all the nutrients the plants need to establish.

Available in different heights:

  • 1200mm x 1000mm

  • 1200mm x 1550mm

  • 1200mm x 1800mm

  • 1200mm x 2000mm

  • 1200mm x 2200mm

  • 1200mm x 3000mm

*depending on type of screen
**we are able to adapt the length and height to your needs.

Mobilane Ivy Screen.jpg



Trachelospermum jasminoides

Glossy, dark green leaves often turning bronze-red in winter. Sweetly fragrant spring flowers.

Euonymus Darts Blanket Screen.jpg

Euonymus Dart’s Blanket

Winter hardy, yellow-green Cardinal’s hat. Green in summer, deep bronze in winter. Resistant to extensive pruning.

Pyracantha Darts Red.jpg

Pyracantha Dart’s Red

Winter hardy. Red (non-toxic) berries. Screening flowers in the spring. Resistant to fire blight.

Carpinus Betulus Screen.jpg

Carpinus betulus

Also known as hornbeam. Double sawn leaf edge. Dark green in the summer, brown in winter.

Ivy Screen.jpg

Hedera helix Woerner

Winter hardy dark green ivy. Keeps its leaves all seasons. Its leaves vary in shape.

Hedera Helix Green Ripple.jpg

Hedera helix Green Ripple

Average growing ivy with dark green leaves. Tendrils are well branched and keeps its leaves all seasons.

Hedera helix White Ripple.jpg

Hedera helix White Ripple

Average growing ivy with gray-green leaves and a silver-white edge. Keeps its leaves all seasons.


Hedera hibernica

Large glossy leaves with deep lobed leaf margin. On the coast completely hardy.

klimop hedera helix goldchild.jpg

Hedera helix Goldchild

Slow growing ivy, gray-green leaves with a golden edge. Evergreen.

Hedera Helix Glacier.jpg

Hedera helix Glacier

Strong ivy with gray-green leaves, narrow white edge and silver-gray interior. Evergreen.


The screens can be planted directly into the ground or into planters and are easy to maintain with the option of a drip line irrigation system.

We provide a full service of design, supply, installation and maintenance.

Please contact us for more information.


  • Mitigate pollutant fumes and improve the air quality - the screens suppress dust and air borne pollutants: ‘The ivy screen led to a decrease in the pollution concentrations on the playground side of the screen by 24% for NO2 and 38% for PM10; both were higher than the measurement uncertainty and thus significant. Comparing school hours independently a reduction in concentrations of up to 36% and 41% were found for NO2 and PM10, respectively’ (study by the GLA and Defra at a school in Kensington).

  • Increase biodiversity - attracting insects, bees, butterflies and birds

  • Offer an attractive alternative to walls and fencing, turning grey spaces to green

  • Instant greening

  • Reduce noise pollution - acting as a vegetative acoustic barrier

  • Improve security as the screens link together to create a barrier

  • Little maintenance required with drip line irrigation installed

Case Studies

As part of Sadiq Khan’s plans to improve pollution 50 ‘air quality audits’ for primary schools in the worst polluted areas in London have taken place to identify hard-hitting measures to protect the children from toxic air.

Meristem has installed Green Ivy Screens in 2 of these schools.

At Prior Weston Primary School 40 ivy screens (1.2mx1.8m) were planted along the fence of the playground. The planters were built on site from sleepers and lined with a membrane, creating vast amount of seating.

The screen covered a total of 46m and a height of 2m which has refreshed the school playground, bringing green to a grey space.  

St Peter’s Eaton Square C. of E. Primary School is located in an area of London that has high levels of air pollution from the volume of traffic in and around Victoria mainline station and Victoria National Bus station.

The project was funded by the Mayor’s Greener City Fund and Grosvenor Estates.

We planted a series of  ivy screens 2.3m high in 7 custom made planters along the rear wall between the busy road and the playground. Rosemary, mint, thyme and sage were planted at the base of the ivy screens. 5 olive trees were also planted with vinca minor and grasses, with a bench between 2 of them to create more seating.

The school also hopes to incorporate the green screen and planting into the children’s basic education about caring for the planet, including learning about the herbs and how to care for the all the plants. The school said they "want the children to become the adults who can help reduce the harmful impact of climate change and create a better London and world”.