Hammersmith & Fulham Parklets

Our 4 Parklets in Hammersmith are part of a larger initiative to encourage green spaces, cleaner air, and promote cycling – the idea: to turn 8 grey parking spaces into 4 vibrant, contemporary Parklets.

The Parklets are located in Hammersmith on Hammersmith Grove, bringing some calm to this busy road and created an environment where locals, businesses and passers by can enjoy the greenery that the Parklets provide.

This project was a collaboration between a large number of partners and supporters who include:

The planting design of drought tolerant, evergreen herbaceous mix allows for all round year interest with different flowering cycles throughout the seasons. We combined 8 large trees, shrubs, climbers and small flowering plants as well as bulbs. Two Parklets have 3m high Green Pergolas with variations of climbing ivy (hedera helix and parthenocissus tricuspidata) and honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) which create shade.

The Parklets have a number of wooden benches and 22 bike parking spaces.

These 10m by 2.5m Parklets are designed to encourage cycling, improve air quality and make the street greener for residents, shoppers and businesses. They’re also part of a borough-wide plan to support and encourage biodiversity in the area.

As well as the 4 Parklets, we also installed a 5th Dockless Bike Parklet surrounded by planters to encourage the use of Ofo and Mobike dockless bike hire.

The Hammersmith Grove Parklets also incorporates new electric vehicle charging points.

Leader of H&F Council, Cllr Stephen Cowan, said at the opening that they are “working to make H&F the greenest borough in the country” and “these parklets not only offer green respite for workers and shoppers, but also provide vital food and homes for wildlife; so it’s great to see people, bees and butterflies are already using them.

“By providing better facilities for cyclists, and making it more pleasant to be out on foot in our town centres, the Parklets are also helping to improve our air quality, so everyone stands to benefit.”

Patricia Bench, Hammersmith BID Director, said ‘From discussions with businesses in the area, we know how important they feel it is to tackle London’s air quality problems.  We think, therefore, that it is extremely important for us all to address the poor air quality in this very busy part of Hammersmith and play our role in improving the area. We are delighted that the Parklets have been so well received and look forward to working with our local partners on making the Hammersmith Low Emission Neighbourhood a success as a whole.’

Christian Hebenstreit, Medidata General Manager & Senior Vice President EMEA, said "The parklets project is a great opportunity to make our office surroundings greener and to give back to the H&F community,"