Meristem Tree Planters on our roads, a growing trend in London

The planters installed here on the junction of Rivington Street and Charlotte Road have slowed down passing traffic and made the area safer for pedestrians and locals.  Therefore we’re hoping to see more of them on our roads in London.  

They also fit in well with the London Mayor’s Transport Strategy of promoting healthy, greener, less polluted streets.  The greenery certainly helps to make the area more appealing to local residents, shoppers and patrons of the Junction pub who no longer need to be weary of speeding vehicles.

The trees we planted included olive trees and magnolia grandiflora, they were specifically selected as they are evergreen and the magnolias flowers give off a lovely aroma.  At the base of the planters we planted a variety of flowering annuals and herbs so next time the local residents are cooking lamb they are welcome to use few sprigs of Rosemary to throw in the pot!