Euston Town Goes Green

Last week we finished our second Euston Green Link project - a 5 story vertical greening project on the exterior of Chutney’s restaurant on Drummond Street, this follows our first phase of planters on North Gower Street. The project was designed by Cityscapes and organised by the Euston Town business partnership as part of the Mayor of London’s low emissions neighbourhood scheme.

The Euston Green Link aims to combat the estrangement from nature that can occur in cities by reintegrating plants into areas through vibrant and attractive projects.

This design involved 13 prism shaped planters, coloured with Drummond Street branding, up the five-storey wall, which were linked by a stainless steel trellis system. Climbing plants will grow from the bright planters and along the trellis to create a large green wall that makes the area more attractive and vibrant. 

The aim is to bring the area to life and use the power of plants to encourage visitors towards the independent business community on Drummond Street, creating a vibrant area, which is especially important with the loss of nature from the construction of HS2. 

If you have a local business community that would benefit from becoming a greener and more attractive area then please get in touch.