Verdant Viaduct - Borough Market Living Wall

Come and see our latest living wall project at Borough Market.

This living wall is part of Better Bankside’s Urban Greening and Placemaking Initiatives which aim to improve the public realm in the local area.

The wall helps to reclaim a grey and unused space in the one of the largest and oldest food markets in London, as well as acting as a natural air filter.

We removed a section of a living wall that was struggling and added 82 plants to the main wall to give it a new lease of life. The existing plants were covered in dust and pollution particulates which all had to be cleaned.

We planted a combination of convolvulus arvensis, erysimum (‘Bowles’s Mauve), liriope muscaris, asplenium scolopendrium, polystichum tsus-simense and alpine flowering plants, including gypsophila and dianthus freynii. These were put in to complement the existing scheme of sarcococca ruscifolia, hedera (ivy) and fatsia japonica.

The project challenges included safely carrying out the works at a height of 6m next to a busy pub and in an area with high footfall.

We are very pleased by the outcome and looking forward to it thriving in the months ahead.

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Neal's Yard Planters

Our latest project added a little bit of greenery right in heart of Covent Garden. The brief was to come up with a wall mounted planter design that would fit in with current aesthetic and feel of Neal's Yard.

We designed bespoke corten planters with iroko trellis' to create a naturally weathered look. Jasminoides trachelospermum was chosen to climb the trellis because of its scent, white flowers and year round interest. Carex and delicate white flowering vinca minor were also used to compliment the jasmine.

North Finchley Living Wall

Meristem were delighted to work on this exciting greening project in North Finchley. A substrate gravity-fed closed living wall system was installed to create a beautiful aesthetic focal point to the building. In addition to this a bespoke hanging planter system was designed and installed to form a vertical trailing effect of greenery through two floors.

Internal greening solutions are a fantastic way to maximise oxygenation and absorption of PM10s (small particles and dust) and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) found in everyday items such as carpets, paint and cleaning products. Internal vegetation can improve wellbeing, productivity and performance and health whilst improving the internal environment.

Clapham Living Wall

Our latest living wall installation has created beautiful backdrop to a residential garden in Clapham that draws the eye through the house. A mixture of ferns, erysimum, convolvulus, liriope muscari and festuca glauca elijah blue were used to bring striking colours  to an urban back garden. A swirl of erysimum bowles mauve was planted in the centre of the wall to create a swathe of purple flowers which will be out in full bloom come spring.

Mersitem Parklet arrive's at TfL's Palestra Offices

As everyone knows Parklets are popping up all across London, so when TfL wanted to commission a Parklet for their own Head Office Palestra we were delighted they chose Meristem Design as their preferred partner.

The Parklet was installed on the 25th September to coincide with the Mayors Transport Strategy open day at Palestra attended by TfL and GLA employees to provide feedback on the consultation so far.

TfL is also hoping the Parklet in the reception which will be seen by all visitors to the offices to create debate and to generate interest for more of them on our streets.

RHS Living Wall

Meristem were delighted to work with the Royal Horticultural Society at the Landscape Show 2017.

Our living wall created the perfect backdrop for the RHS to chat to those visiting their stand.

We used a combination of bergenia, convolvulus, carex, ferns, erysimum bowles mauve and liriope muscari to create a natural aesthetic. 

Meristem Tree Planters on our roads, a growing trend in London

The planters installed here on the junction of Rivington Street and Charlotte Road have slowed down passing traffic and made the area safer for pedestrians and locals.  Therefore we’re hoping to see more of them on our roads in London.  

They also fit in well with the London Mayor’s Transport Strategy of promoting healthy, greener, less polluted streets.  The greenery certainly helps to make the area more appealing to local residents, shoppers and patrons of the Junction pub who no longer need to be weary of speeding vehicles.

The trees we planted included olive trees and magnolia grandiflora, they were specifically selected as they are evergreen and the magnolias flowers give off a lovely aroma.  At the base of the planters we planted a variety of flowering annuals and herbs so next time the local residents are cooking lamb they are welcome to use few sprigs of Rosemary to throw in the pot!


Meristem Parklet Shortlisted for the Healthy Streets Awards 2017.

We’re delighted to announce our Parklet has been shortlisted for the Healthy Streets Awards.  The Parklet forms part of the Shoreditch Low Emission Neighborhood scheme which is a Tri-Borough collaboration between Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Islington and the Mayor of London.  

A Parklet is a pavement extension that provides seating, greenery and amenities for the public using the street. Usually Parklets are installed on parking bays and use 2 or more parking spaces. They typically extend out from the pavement no wider than an average car parking bay of 2 mtrs, our Parklet is 10 mtrs X 2mtrs.  They are well established in countries like US, Canada and Australia and are now catching on in the UK.

Our approach is quite unique in that we have teamed up with a local charity called the Spitalfields Trust Crypt (SCT) established in 1965, they support people in East London who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

The charity helped to install the unit, they also maintain it by carrying out weekly inspections, checking the health of the plants and trees, watering and trimming the plants where necessary. They also carry out any minor repairs where needed.

The tie in with SCT also allows them to provide us with valuable data so we can monitor how it is being used and the type of people who use it.  

The announcement is to be made on the 28th September so fingers and toes crossed!

Mayfair Living Wall

Our latest living wall installation created a peaceful courtyard area for our client. We used a mixture of ferns, fatsia japonica, convolvulus, berginia and rosemary to bring luscious greenery to an urban back garden.

Map Gift Shop Trellis - ZEN Initiative

We really enjoyed installing our jasmine trellis planter at Map Gift Shop in Archway. This project is part of the fantastic Archway Zero Emissions Neighbourhood scheme.  

 ZEN is a free to join network that helps businesses and residents in the City Fringe area reduce the impact they have on air quality. Free grants of up to £2,000 are available to businesses to improve the work place. 

We are offering free green audits and 10% off on all of our products and services for ZEN members.