Prior Weston Primary School

As part of Sadiq Khan’s plans to improve pollution 50 ‘air quality audits’ for primary schools in the worst polluted areas in London have taken place to identify hard-hitting measures to protect the children from toxic air. Prior Weston Primary School, located in Barbican, was the first school to be audited.

At Prior Weston Primary School 48m of ivy Green Screens, with a height of 2.2m were planted along the fence of the playground. The planters were built on site from sleepers and lined with a membrane, creating vast amount of seating.

We installed an automatic drip line irrigation system at the base of the screens to keep maintenance easy.

The lush ivy screens have refreshed the school playground, bringing green to a grey space. In 2019 we plan to carry out phase 2 which will consist of a further 70m of ivy screens in their playground on the other side of the school.