Maintenance, keeping it green.


We offer a full range of maintenance services for all of our projects to make sure your projects looks healthy throughout the seasons and years ahead. Our experienced team of highly skilled plantsmen will ensure your plants get the care and attention they need to thrive.

Meristem strongly believes in looking after your plants so they can look after you! Plants need looking after, watering and feeding just like we do, and as such will continue to give you pleasure day after day, and week after week. We can provide maintenance to your plants on a one off basis or throughout as part of our comprehensive maintenance services.


Maintenance services can include:

1. Watering plants to their specific watering requirements

2. Removal of leaves and other debris from the display

3. Cleaning of both plants and planters

4. Feeding of plants during the growing season

5. Pruning and trimming the plants where necessary

6. Control of pests and diseases

7. Plant replacements (for natural failures)

Our Sustainability Commitment

Working Green


The Meristem Team are committed to undertaking our 360degree process in a sustainable way. We embody what we are trying to achieve in a greater sense; a greener world in every sense of the word. 


Recycle / Sustainability logo

1.Source locally wherever possible

2. Use ecological solutions to plant pests and problems

3. Minimise carbon footprint of travel and deliveries

4. Use sustainable urban greening products

5. We stick to digital, and no paper trail.

6. Using irrigation products that utilise water efficiently