Car Free Street Party in Marylebone

Meristem involved in another fun car free street party with St Mary’s Bryanston Square Primary School and Sustrans.

Enford Street was closed to traffic between 3.00 and 5.15 for a Street Party, focussing on clean air and road safety.  Parents, children and locals experienced what a green, car free street could be like.

There were lots of fun things to do, including craft and cycling activities, and information about how the Marylebone Low Emissions Neighbourhood group is trying to reduce air pollution.

Our Pop-up Parklet with hay bales, lawn turf, trees and bunting added greenery and seating.

Meristem are working with many schools across London to add greenery to their playgrounds and to help protect the children from the highly toxic pollution.

Click here to read more about our Green Screens and the latest projects we have carried out.

Meristem's Green Gateways into the UK's first ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone)

LEN Green Screens
LEN Green Screens

Hackney and Islington councils are leading the way against air pollution with the UK’s first scheme banning all but the cleanest vehicles from two zones in Shoreditch and Bunhill.

Petrol, diesel and older hybrid vehicles will not be allowed to enter 9 streets during peak times. Ultra-low emission vehicles like electric cars, e-bikes, the newest hybrids and hydrogen vehicles, as well as pedestrians and cyclists, will be allowed.

To alert drivers that they are entering the ULEZ Meristem were asked to design, install and maintain a series of 3mtr high LEN Prisms and Green Screens across various entry points.

These gateways are SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems), storing and re-using surface water, decreasing flow rates to watercourses and improving water quality by removing pollutants.

They also add vital greenery to a grey area. The ivy and base planting will suppress dust and air borne pollutants, reduce noise pollution and improve the surroundings for local residents and businesses.

Councillor Feryal Demirci, Hackney Council’s cabinet member for neighbourhoods, transport and parks, said: “The streets around Shoreditch suffer from some of the worst air quality in London.

“Ultra low emission streets will have reduced levels of air and noise pollution, make it easier and safer to walk and cycle and improve the character of the area for all residents and businesses.

“Our ultimate goal is to reclaim the streets from polluting motor vehicles – this groundbreaking scheme is the first step towards doing that.”

Meristem Build a 66mtr Living Wall for the RHS Hampton Flower Show

This week is the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2018! From 2nd to 8th July you can enjoy one of the largest flower shows in the world at the iconic location of Hampton Court Palace.

Meristem are delighted to have been asked to supply and design 66sqm of living wall at this years show!


We have a 2 sided 30sqm wall at the main entrance and 36sqm living wall either side of the stage in the Festival of Roses.

There's a full programme of fascinating talks and demonstrations around the showground, including 2 presentations from us in the Festival of Roses Theatre.

We will be speaking at 1pm on both the Thursday and Sunday about ‘Greening Grey Britain’ and looking at how some of our designs for both public, commercial and residential sectors have shown the importance of introducing greenery to our urban areas. See the full program here.


Buy your tickets online to immerse yourself in displays showcasing more than 250,000 flowers, see a river of gorgeous blooms and spectacular horticultural heroes and theatrical displays - the fabulous 2018 show has it all.

4 Hammersmith Parklets Launched this week!

This week we launched 4 of our new community Parklets on Hammersmith Grove, 2 of them even had 3m high Green Pergolas.

Combining trees and plants with wooden benches and cycle parking, these 4 10m by 2.5m Parklets are designed to encourage cycling, improve air quality and make the street greener for residents, shoppers and businesses. They’re also part of a borough-wide plan to support and encourage biodiversity in the area.


Leader of H&F Council, Cllr Stephen Cowan, said at the opening last week that they are “working to make H&F the greenest borough in the country” and “these parklets not only offer green respite for workers and shoppers, but also provide vital food and homes for wildlife; so it’s great to see people, bees and butterflies are already using them.

“By providing better facilities for cyclists, and making it more pleasant to be out on foot in our town centres, the parklets are also helping to improve our air quality, so everyone stands to benefit.”


The Hammersmith Grove Parklets also incorporates new electric vehicle charging points.

The new project in Hammersmith Grove was supported with financial backing from HammersmithLondon BID, Medidata and the Mayor of London.

"The parklets project is a great opportunity to make our office surroundings greener and to give back to the H&F community," said Christian Hebenstreit, Medidata General Manager & Senior Vice President EMEA.

Our Parklets have boosted trade to local businesses such as coffee shops and restaurants by 30%

Contact us for information and if you would like to see some Parklets on your streets.

Meristem's Living Wall in the ‘Clean Air Together’ Exhibition at the NLA Building

Cross Rivers Partnership’s (CRP) is hosting an exhibition on innovative Air Quality projects across London. Meristem were delighted to be chosen as the partners to supply one of our Living Walls and exhibit 3 of our most recent Air Quality Projects.

 Hosted by Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues

Hosted by Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues

CRP’s Clean Air Together exhibition shows how we can clean the air by working together. Learn about different schemes and projects across London, including our Living Walls and School Green Screens. 

Where: NLA Galleries, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT.

From: 1st June – 31st July (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 10am-5pm)

See it while it is still up!

CRP is a public-private partnership made up of local authorities, business organisations and other strategic agencies relevant to London.  Their members include 26 of Central London’s Business Improvement Districts.

Our living wall was 2.4x4m with approximately 300 indoor plants. Living walls can reduce nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter concentration by up to 60%, they also absorb over 40% more sound than a traditional facade and increase biodiversity.

Meristem’s Living Wall for RHS at Chatsworth Flower Show

RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

When the RHS wanted a Living Wall as a showpiece into Chatsworth Flower Show we were over the moon they chose Meristem to be their preferred supplier.

Living Wall

If you are going please look our for our Living Wall located in the Living Laboratory, where you can learn about how plants and gardens can be integrated in urban areas.

Our Living Wall is 51sqm with over 1,700 plants.

The flower show is at the spectacular Chatsworth House, with inspirational gardens, fields of wild flowers, a living laboratory, and much, much more.

Running from 6th - 10th June.

Buy your tickets here or get them on the door, we hope to see you there!

If you would like further information on our living walls then please get in touch.

Our Community Parklet Shortlisted for the London Sustainabilty Awards 2018

Parklet 1.jpeg

The Sustainable City Awards celebrate the best examples of innovation and good practice, for a smarter, healthier and more environmentally friendly world.

It is an amazing organisation and the award received a huge amount of entries so we're delighted our Community Parklet has been shortlisted to the last 4.

Fingers crossed... we'll keep you posted!

Four of our Temporary Parklets used for Northbank's Cleaner Streets Day

Northbank Bid organised a Cleaner Streets Day last Wednesday, the event was used to promote a cleaner route to work using John Adam Street which is parallel to the Strand.  It may not have as many shops as the Strand but it certainly is a lot cleaner with less traffic and far less pollution.

Cleaner Streets day
Air Quality day

Northbank really has taken on board the air quality challenge and was recently successful in being awarded one the UK's first ever BLEN (Business Low Emission Neighbourhood).

Similar events to follow across Westminster soon.

Meristem Starts Rolling Out Green Screens at Schools as Part of the Mayor's Air Quality Drive

As part of Sadiq Khan’s plans to improve pollution 50 ‘air quality audits’ for primary schools in the worst polluted areas in London have taken place to identify hard-hitting measures to protect the children from toxic air.

During the Easter break Meristem installed Green Screens at Prior Weston Primary School in the City of London, this was the 1st school to be audited.  This project was successfully funded by City of London's City Air Project  and the construction company Taylor Wimpey.

We planted 40 ivy screens (1.2mx1.8m) along the fence of the playground, the planters were built on site from sleepers and lined with a membrane, creating vast amount of seating.

The screen covered a total of 46m and a height of 2m which has refreshed the school playground, bringing green to a grey space.  

Prior Weston School
Prior Weston School
Ivy Screens
Ivy Screens

The second school we completed during the Easter Break was St Peter’s Eaton Square C. of E. Primary School located in an area of London that has high levels of air pollution from the volume of traffic in and around Victoria mainline station and Victoria National Bus station.

The project was funded by the Mayor’s Greener City Fund and Grosvenor Estates.

We planted a series of  ivy screens 2.3m high in 7 custom made planters along the rear wall between the busy road and the playground. Rosemary, mint, thyme and sage were planted at the base of the ivy screens. 5 olive trees were also planted with vinca minor and grasses, with a bench between 2 of them to create more seating.

The school also hopes to incorporate the green screen and planting into the children’s basic education about caring for the planet, including learning about the herbs and how to care for the all the plants. The school said they "want the children to become the adults who can help reduce the harmful impact of climate change and create a better London and world”.

Peter’s Eaton Square C. of E. Primary School
Ivy Screens

Air Quality Benefits:

A recent study by the GLA and Defra at a school in Kensington showed:

‘The ivy screen led to a decrease in the pollution concentrations on the playground side of the screen by up to 36% and 41% for NO2 and PM10, respectively’.

The living ivy wall also increases biodiversity as it attracts insects, bees, butterflies and birds.  Ivy screens help to reduce noise pollution, acting as a vegetative acoustic barrier. Offering an attractive, aesthetic alternative to walls and fencing, turning grey spaces to green.

Little maintenance is required with drip line irrigation installed to help the ivy thrive and only yearly pruning needed.

If you have a school or building in a polluted area that can benefit from our green screens then contact us.

 The mayor made the announcemnt in September 2017 as he met pupils from Prior Weston Primary School in Islington. Source:  BBC

The mayor made the announcemnt in September 2017 as he met pupils from Prior Weston Primary School in Islington. Source: BBC

Meristem Planters and Parklets used in Hackney and Islington's Low Emission Neighbourhood as seen here in the Evening Standard

 Hackney and Islington Council are banning petrol and diesel cars on nine roads Hackney Council

Hackney and Islington Council are banning petrol and diesel cars on nine roads Hackney Council

We are very pleased to read that the petrol and diesel car ban is going ahead and to see our planters being featured in the Evening Standard once again.

After a consultation last month, Islington and Hackney Council signed off plans this week to ban petrol and diesel cars during peak hours in parts of east London. The scheme, which is part of the ‘Low Emission Neighbourhood’ (LEN) project, has been given the go ahead for July 2018.  

Fines of up to £130 will be given to motorists who are caught disobeying the new ban.

'The scheme will see all but the cleanest cars banned from nine streets between the hours of 7am and 10am and 4pm and 7pm.'

Pedestrians and cyclists will have access to the zones during these peak times, in addition to ultra-low emission vehicles (electric cars, e-bikes, the newest hybrids and hydrogen vehicles).

These streets will be easier and safer to walk and cycle, with reduced levels of air and noise pollution.

According to Hackney Council their ultimate goal is to reclaim the streets from polluting motor vehicles. Improving the character of the area for the local residents and businesses. 

Great steps in making London greener!

You can read the full Evening Standard article here.

Contact us for more information on our on street planting.