Living Walls


Living walls, or green walls, are self-sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to a free-standing frame or to the exterior or interior of a building. With a lack of space and gardens becoming smaller, making use of every surface is a great solution. Many types of plants will tolerate the high life in a green wall, from herbs and fruit to grasses and ferns. Whether in sun or shade, covering walls with plants can enhance the smallest of spaces.

Meristem are flexible and adaptable to different environments and offer a range of unique and highly innovative living wall systems, including our very popular powder coated steel system that is fully recyclable and is not combustable. We offer robust, affordable living walls that are easy to build and maintain, with an extensive selection of living wall plants to choose from. 


Key Benefits of our Living wall systems

✓ Noise attenuation

✓ Recyclable

✓ Air purification

Biophilia benefits - reduces stress and improves well-being

✓ Encourages biodiversity

✓ Extends facade life

✓ Increases value of property

✓ LEED and BREEAM credits

✓ Zintec powder coated steel

✓ Steel system is not combustable

✓ Custom made for any size or shape

✓ Very quick to install, planted off site

✓ Shallow profile, ideal for limited space

✓ Automatic irrigation system

✓ Simple maintenance

✓ Instant impact of foliage

For our technical specification please contact us.

Case Study:

SKANSKA, Interior Wall

Edible herb, Vegetable and Fruit Living Walls

Edible living walls are the perfect way to grow herbs, vegetables and fruit vertically when space is limited in homes (both in the garden and kitchen), schools, restaurants and cafes.

Live Picture and divider

We also offer a closed system that doesn’t require irrigation or a drain. Our live pictures come in 5 sizes and are perfect for offices and schools, maximising your surroundings using minimal space.

The Live Divider is a 2 sided living wall perfect for dividing up rooms. It creates a more pleasant ambiance, and delivers flexibility in how a room is used. LiveDivider helps create privacy and reduces environmental noise.

Living Wall Maintenance

Our living wall maintenance team are experts in plant care, irrigation and living wall systems. We can provide maintenance to your green walls on a one off basis or throughout the year as part of our comprehensive maintenance services.

The maintenance visits will include:

  1. Checking and adjusting irrigation

  2. Pruning, trimming and cleaning where necessary

  3. Removal of weeds and waste

  4. Pest and disease control

  5. Fertilising and feeding

  6. Plant replacement