Turning Your Building Green


One of our guiding principles is our belief in Biophilia. Biophilic design has wide ranging, proven benefits to our well-being, and buildings are the perfect canvas on which to start to incorporate greening. Whether indoors or outdoors, large or small, Meristem have the skills to transform your building through adding plants. Browse through our projects and products below.

Hanging Planters

hanging planters

- Big impact 

- A design Feature

- Modular design

- Ability to use different plants

Interior Green Trellis

interior trellis

- Creates a visual partitioning

- An aesthetic enhancement

- Add's a biophilic element

- Encourages interaction

Moss Wall


- No maintenance

- Biophilic impact

- Add's vibrancy

- Acoustic properties

Wall Planters


- Vast opportunities for design

- Moveable planting

- Low cost solution

- Variety of planting and impact

Interior Green / Living Wall

interior living wall

- Aesthetic impact

- Can create a variety of patterns

- Acoustic properties

- Air purification benefits

Interior Planting


- Fully bespoke design

- Integrated into the fabric of the interior design and architecture

- Range of interventions available

As with all our products and installations we passionately believe in the idea of giving care and love to your plants. Maintenance is a key part of the Meristem business, and essential for your projects to carry on looking fantastic through the seasons and the years ahead.