Turning Your Building Green


Biophilia is our guiding design principle. Plant-centric design has wide ranging, proven benefits to our well-being, and so our work aims to deliver these benefits by intelligently integrating plants into your space, bringing it to life.


hanging planters

- Big impact 

- A design Feature

- Modular design

- Ability to use different plants

Interior Green Trellis

interior trellis

- Creates a visual partitioning

- An aesthetic enhancement

- Add's a biophilic element

- Encourages interaction


Living art

- Low maintenance

- Biophilic impact

- Add's vibrancy

- Acoustic properties

Wall Planters

mounted planters

- Vast opportunities for design

- Moveable planting

- Low cost solution

- Variety of planting and impact

Interior Green / Living Wall

interior living wall

- Aesthetic impact

- Can create a variety of patterns

- Acoustic properties

- Air purification benefits



- Fully bespoke design

- Integrated into the fabric of the interior design and architecture

- Range of interventions available

As with all our products and installations we passionately believe in the idea of giving care and love to your plants. Maintenance is a key part of the Meristem business, and essential for your projects to carry on looking fantastic through the seasons and the years ahead.