A Parklet is a small public pavement extension, usually extending two parking space lengths combining elements such as seating, trees, flowers, shrubs, umbrellas, bike parking or lighting that reflect the unique character and needs of the location.

Parklets are intended to provide space for people to sit, relax and enjoy the city around them, providing aesthetic enhancement to the overall streetscape. By not requiring a permanent concrete base, Parklets are a much faster and less expensive way for the City to bring improvements to a neighbourhood.

Meristem's Parklets:

Award Winning H&F Parklets

Winner of the Best Healthy Streets Improvement District Project at the Healthy Streets Awards 2018!

We have transformed 8 grey parking spaces into 4 vibrant, contemporary Parklets on Hammersmith Grove.

This project was a collaboration between a large number of partners and supporters who include:


3 single parking spaces (2mx5m) transformed into on-street Parklets.


1) Kirchin Road, W13 0SR

2) Leeland Road, W13 9HH

3) Victoria Road, W3 6UL

They are modular and can easily be moved to different locations using a pallet truck. 

Parklets have a number of wooden benches and 6 bike parking spaces and are designed to encourage cycling, improve air quality, increase biodiversity and make the street greener for residents, shoppers and businesses.


Located on Calvert Avenue, just off Shoreditch High Street, Meristem's Parklet installation is in the heart of the urban, bustling and inspiring design landscape of Shoreditch. As such, our design has bought some calm and sanctuary to this busy road, and created an environment that passers by, and coffee shop goers can enjoy the greenery that the Parklet provides.

This venture is a joint partnership between Hackney Council, Islington Council and Tower Hamlets Council, with backing from the Mayor of London's office. The Parklet is part of a larger initiative to encourage green spaces, cleaner air, and promote cycling, under the Len City Fringe initiative and the Low Emissions Neighbourhood programme.

Pop-up Parklets

Meristem also supply pop-up Parklets for events throughout London for street parties and car free days.

Streets are transformed for local communities giving the people a chance to reclaim their streets and get involved in fun traffic-free activities. 

We provided trees, deck chairs, hay bales, lawn turf, games, bunting and our Green Pop-up Parklet.