Turning Your School Green


Meristem are working with some of the most polluted schools across London to educate the children about the environment and improve the air quality through our Green Screens and planting.

Thousands of children are being exposed to poor air quality that risk causing lifelong health problems both inside and outside the classroom. A study, commissioned by the Mayor of London, showed in London alone there are over 800 schools, nurseries, and colleges being exposed to illegal levels of air pollution. The EU legal limit for nitrogen dioxide pollution levels is 40µg/m3 (40 micrograms per cubic metre of air) and some schools have NO2 readings as high as 73.

Check here to see if your nursery, school or college is suffering from toxic air.

Dr Francis Gilchrist, consultant respiratory paediatrician at Royal Stoke University hospital, said it was known that children were particularly sensitive to air pollution and that lung damage had lifelong consequences.

“There is definitely concern that air pollution is affecting children’s lungs – in particular it exacerbates respiratory illness, like asthma, and it predisposes children who are healthy to having repeated chest infections. If you damage your lungs in childhood you are likely to see these effects right through into adulthood, so there is a lifelong impact.”

Enter your postcode in this BBC tool to see how polluted your street is.

School Green Screens

Last year the Mayor of London audited 50 of the most polluted schools in London. Meristem Design are working with these schools and many more to improve the air quality with Green Screens, trees, additional planting and internal and external living walls.

Reconnecting Children with Nature

Meristem workshops are an exciting way to introduce primary school children into the world of plants in an urban gardening environment.

Children will learn about the threats of air pollution, what they can do to help and the benefits of plants, not just for air quality but for health and well-being, productivity and creativity.

Our tutor Nina Simoes is a qualified PHD lecturer and DBS checked. If you are interested in receiving more information, please contact us at info@meristemdesign.co.uk

Biophilia in schools

Contact us today for more information and book in a free site audit at your school. Our staff are DBS checked and our installations can be carried out during a time that suits you, whether it is during term time, holidays or on the weekend.