Turning Your Home Green


Meristem Design work with all scales of project from thousands of square metres in commercial buildings, right down to a couple of square metres in a back garden. With a team experienced in residential installations and designs, our team will help guide you through what the best systems would be to suit your indoor or outdoor home space. You will find inspiration for systems and designs from the sections below.


Living Walls

- Edible Living Walls

- Variety of flowering and foliage designs

- Attracts Biodiversity

-Helps with energy conservation


- Variety of sedum and flowers

- Attracts Biodiversity

- Helps with energy conservation

- Attractive

green Trellis 

- High Impact

- Low Cost

- Flexible System

- Attracts Biodiversity

- Planting with a variety of plants.


- Seating and planters design

- Planting design

- Project Installation

- On-going Maintenance

As with all our products and installations we passionately believe in the idea of giving care and love to your plants. Maintenance is a key part of the Meristem business, and essential for your projects to carry on looking fantastic through the seasons and the years ahead.