Turning Your City Green


Urban Realm projects give us the chance to share the pleasures of greening with you all. Urban greening can help to tackle our urban landscapes worsening problems, such as a lack of spaces for biodiversity or air quality issues in our cities. Meristem are passionate about all things green, so having the opportunities to spread the joy through urban planting is a real focus of our work. Browse through our urban greening ideas below for inspiration.




- Architectural or plant designed key spaces

- Giving a personality through design

- Creating an iconic space

- Encouraging use of public space



- Taking over 1 or 2 car parking spaces to create a mini-park

- Permanent or temporary solutions

- Can integrate; planting/cycling provisions/sports equipment/seating

Landscape Design

landscape design

- Masterplanning of large outdoor realm spaces

- Planting scheme designs

- Installation, build and project management.

Tree Pits

Green screens

- Helps with dust suppression on construction sites

- Create a quick and simple green intervention

- Variety of plants and trellis to choose from.

living walls

- Create strong visual impact

- Can be used as placemaking

- Variety of designs available

- Attracts biodiversity

- Helps with air purification

tree pits

- Simple solution to add personality to a street

- Variety of sizes and design solutions

- Offer maintenance to keep the pits looking good year round

As with all our products and installations we passionately believe in the idea of giving care and love to your plants. Maintenance is a key part of the Meristem business, and essential for your projects to carry on looking fantastic through the seasons and the years ahead.