Kensington & Chelsea’s First Parklets Launched on Kensington High Street

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is the latest London council to adopt our parklets. We installed two parklets on the iconic Kensington High Street. The parklets were opened to the public, with an official red ribbon launch lead by Councillor Cem Kemahli. 

With the success and great feedback on the parklets, the Royal Kensington and Chelsea Council are now seeking new locations to install these, with a view to use private sector sponsorship. Meristem Design installation team were getting requests for new location parklets before we even finished building the Kensington High Street one. 

The parklets have a positive impact on those around,  rejuvenating the area and helping build a sense of community. Businesses where parklets are located outside have shown a significant 20% to 30% uplift in revenue within the first 12 months! They attract customers to local businesses by creating a vibrant, green oasis of calm. One of the new requests came from a local business who had experienced ram raiding and saw our parklets as a possible solution to this problem, as well as the obvious seating and greenery.

There are two sizes of parklets, consisting of a twelve seater and eight seater parklet. Seven metres and five metres respectively, with wheelchair access and a large plant selection focused on attracting pollinating insects and bees. Additionally, included in the design of the parklets was two metre high protective screens, which act as an acoustic and pollution barrier to the busy traffic on the street. 

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