Three Meristem Parklets arrive in the City of London

Last week Meristem installed three Parklets on St Mary’s Axe, in the City of London, as part of the Active City Network initiative by the City of London Corporation.

The aim of the initiative is to utilise pedestrianisation and green infrastructure in urban design to create cleaner, safer, and more pleasant public spaces for the 513,000 workers in the city to enjoy - with a view to encouraging a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Our Parklets are part of a month long trial, where they will provide a seating area for people to spend their breaks in the kind of vibrant green space that is uncommon in the built up City of London.

The three parklets are now housed on the temporarily pedestrianised stretch of the street adjacent to Lloyds bank, and the area will also be host to activities and events over the month aimed to encourage health and wellbeing.

If the trial succeeds, as early signs already suggest, then the City will look to build on the first three with additional permanent parklets, combined with increased pedestrianisation of the area.

This will provide the benefits of urban greening to the workers, as well as removing toxic emissions, and making cycling and walking safer - becoming part of the wider movement, which we are delighted to be part of, to make London a cleaner and greener city.

If you have an area that would benefit from the presence of our Parklets then please get in touch!